Introduction To Community Outreach at UNAB

At Universidad Andrés Bello, community outreach represents an essential part of its institutional operations, understanding it as an active, permanent and reciprocal interaction with its environment, in its diverse forms of organization. Our goal aims at consolidating, developing and perfecting the university’s academic objectives and ends, as well as contributing to society’s development as a whole.  

Due to its importance, UNAB takes charge of creating, maintaining and strengthening permanent formal and informal connections with society’s most relevant actors, in addition to addressing the most pressing social challenges at both local and national levels.

The entire university community is responsible for developing community outreach initiatives, and it requires the commitment of every member of the institution to the university’s social, economic, productive and cultural environment.

This vision allows the graduate profiles for each of our under and postgraduate programs, as well as our R&D guidelines -among others-, to focus on generating concrete contributions in the territories in which the University is present.

These efforts involve areas such as Applied Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technological Transfer and advanced human capital training for the labor market and local needs; consequently, strengthening the university’s relevant institutional partners from both public and private networks.  

Additionally, the feedback obtained from the university’s external environment constitutes one of the most important tools for the institution in order to assure the quality of its Educational Model.

In fact, factors such as graduate employability, academic programs’ demands, research results and the success of our centers, hospitals and outreach initiatives with productive sectors -among many others-, reaffirm the importance of our educational project and allow us to guide and correct it in a short time and manner, hence, achieving our institutional mission.