Andrés Bello University’s Community Outreach General Directorate had the pleasure to invite the whole university’s community to the 2018 UNAB Community Outreach Congress.

This activity took place on Thursday 18 January 2018, from 8:30 AM at José María Aznar Hall located at Casona de Las Condes Campus (address: Fernández Concha 700, Las Condes).

Revive the experience with the event’s video:

Program, Presentations and Videos:

Beginning End Activity
08:30 09:00 Accreditation: In charge of ECOPASS
09:00 09:10 Welcome greeting: Valentina Bobadilla, Community Outreach Coordinator, UNAB Concepción Branch.

09:10 09:20 Opening Words: UNAB Rector, Dr. José Rodríguez Pérez
09:20 10:30 Masterclass – Juan Music
“Challenges of Higher Education Institutions in Community Outreach: How to achieve pertinence, efficacy, efficiency, and impact in the context of continuous improvement and quality assurance”.Juan Music: Civil Engineer, Major in Structure, from Chile University, 1976. He was Rector at the Northern Catholic University (UCN in Spanish) for 11 years, between March 1990 and March 2001. Peer evaluator CNA and CNED. Currently an academic at the Northern Catholic University’s Civil Engineering Department in the Faculty of Architecture, Construction and Civil Engineering and Community Outreach working group Coordinator at AEQUALIS.

10:30 11:30 SECTION Good Practices Part I

  1. Community Outreach instrument: UNAB Clinics
  2. Community Outreach instrument: Social Responsibility and Inclusion
    • The experience of Social Responsibility as general training pillar for students at UNAB Concepción.
    • Exposes: Paula Acuña + Paola Zamora (academics UNAB Concepción Branch)
    • Watch video HERE
  3. Community Outreach instrument: Academic Extension and School Communities
  4. Community Outreach instrument: Internationalization
11:30 12:00 Coffee and panel presentations of relevant initiatives from UNAB Community Outreach – Thanks to the work of UNAB Campus Creativo
12:00 13:00 SECTION Good Practices Part II

  1. Community Outreach instrument: Culture
  2. Community Outreach instrument: Applied Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technological Transfer
  3. Community Outreach instrument: Continuous Education
    • Continuous education at UNAB
    • Exposes: Ignacio Muñoz, Faculty of Education
    • Watch video HERE
  4. Community Outreach instrument: Centers and Institutes
13:00 13:20
13:20 15:00 Hypocaloric light lunch – Served by “UNAB University Tuna”
15:00 16:15 Workshop’s working tables, in charge of Pilar Zurita
 16:15 16:45 Coffee and poster exhibition of relevant initiatives from UNAB Community Outreach – Thanks to the work of UNAB Campus Creativo
16:45 17:30 Closing session: Héctor Hidalgo, UNAB Community Outreach General Director

Posters exhibited

Proyecto  Profesor  Facultad 
1 Gato Por  Liebre Andrés Besa Campus Creativo
2 Smart City Hugo Rojas Campus Creativo
3 Hackatón Colaborathon Aguas Andinas-R+D centers (Santiago) Francisca Rosenkranz Biological Sciences
4 Astrophysic workshops: II Southern Astrophysics Network Workshop Patricia B. Tissera Exacta Sciences
5 Exposition “Art as an inclusion tool for people with disabilities” María Paz Sepúlveda Barrientos Rehabilitation Sciences
6 NeuroKinesiology Lab Carlos Alvarez Mitchell Rehabilitation Sciences
7 Pilot project SAFE (Health and Physical Activity Analysis of the Chilean Army) Daniel Jerez Rehabilitation Sciences
8 Football workshop for children and adults with disability Alan Martinez Rehabilitation Sciences
9 VII anti-stigma sessions on mental health Cristian Valderrama Nuñez Rehabilitation Sciences
10 Innovation and Rehabilitation international seminar Paulina Jimenez Rehabilitation Sciences
11 Training sessions on civic education for users of Padre Hurtado Community Center in environmental, consumer, and family and infant law Carmen Gloria Droguet Law
12 Breast cancer prevention workshop Patricia Fierro DGDE
13 Volunteer work (3 branches) Vicente Caceres DGDE
14 YouthActionNet Chile Pilar Zurita DGVM
15 Mating Station Felipe Lara Ecology and Natural Resources
16 Darwin’s Frog Claudio Soto Ecology and Natural Resources
17 UFAS (in Spanish): Wildlife Unit Nicole Sallaberry Ecology and Natural Resources
18 Mentoring for entrepreneur groups at catastrophic zones, Vichunquén Municipality Ximena Gambra Economics and Business
19 Inclusive Swimming Juan Pablo Zavala /Joselyn Godoy Briceño Education
20 V International Evaluation Congress Eduardo Valenzuela Education
21 Support to include Claudia Arellano General Education
22 Emergency and Disaster Seminar: post-emergency, ¿are we prepared? Karen Berger Nursing
23 Urban Freight Transport Observatory (OTUC – RM) Julio Villalobos Contreras Engineering
24 Don’t change your backpack for a baby, teenage pregnancy prevention – Health promotion project Pilar Farias (estudiante) Medicine
25 Corfo Innovation Voucher Project: “Improving technological properties in seaweed-based hamburger development” Marcela Giacometto Medicine
26 Ophthalmology Unit Katherina Pavani Medicine
27 I don’t need your approval María Ignacia Fajardo (Estudiante) Medicine
28 Health intervention at La Parva School Cecilia Poblete Acuña Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences
29 ASOUNAB 1 and 2 Rodrigo Gaete Muñoz Odontology
30 Odontology service for people living with HIV/AIDS: an integral health perspective Dafna Benadof Odontology